A Letter Written to Ebenezer Russell in White Creek from Horatio Hatch in Springfield, Ohio in 1845.

This letter was sent from Springfield, Clark County, Ohio in July of 1845, but the writer was on the move and going on to Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio. It mostly concerns finances and his trying to collect debt owed him. It looks to have had stamps, which were cut off by a collector.


APHNYS Region 5 Conference

Yesterday I attended the Region 5 Conference of the Association of Public Historians of New York State at the Hart-Cluett Historic House in Troy, New York. There were presentations on “Enterprising Waters: New York’s Erie Canal”, “Tips and Tricks for Publishing Local History”, and “New Research on the African American Community in Rensselaer County”. These were followed by lunch and then a tour of the house, which I had to miss.

It was an excellent event and well worth attending.