1791 Court Redivision of Great Lot#14 of the Walloomsac Patent.


Although a few of these settlers lived here before the Revolution, most leased their land. At least one, Simeon Covell, had had to flee to Canada. He actually owned his lots, 127 acres of the Patent, which had then been confiscated and resold. Ebenezer Allen and Edward Aiken likely owned theirs as well. But at this time, one or more of the people named here claimed Lot #14 was owned in common by all and the court had it surveyed and letters patent issued for each small lot.

One of Simeon Covell’s lots is shown to be owned by Abraham Hodges. The small lot owned by John Tobias would be where Simeon’s store had once stood. Micajah Covill’s family had lived in White Creek briefly, but were by this time living in Granville. Walter Wood owned two much bigger lots just to the north in the Gregor and Bain patents. Most of the owners in the southern part seem to have been related or related by marriage to the Soule family and to have only been in White Creek a short time – and left before many years went by. My guess would be that the land was sitting empty, any paperwork had vanished or been lost as former loyalist owners/lessees fled the country, and the new owners were desperate for land in the chaotic and depressed late 1780’s. The court obliged by essentially seizing the whole lot, having it surveyed out, and re-issuing titles. (Letters Patent couldn’t have been issued otherwise). Owners who had been patriots kept what they had before the Revolution. The new “squatters” got title to the other divisions. Once the economy picked up, most of the smaller lot owners without other land locally probably sold out and moved on.


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