The Murder at Buskirk’s Bridge, Part 13

The Murder at Buskirk’s Bridge, Part 13.

Due to my accidentally switching the paper I was transcribing from an earlier week to the next week, this transcription that I posted as Part 2 should be Part 13, so I am relabelling it and will then post the correct part 2. Sorry about the mixup. Ted

The Preliminary Hearing at Salem

I find that in these scans of the Post on the website a number of pages are missing. There is some missing information between the last article and this one.

“We omitted (in our report last week) the testimony of Matthew Hurley- it related to a gun that belonged to James Caffrey and that had been taken from Jacob Chase’s, in Hoosick, one night previous to the murder. Owen Thompson and James Caffrey entirely explained this gun business in their testimony. The gun was owned by James Caffrey and was taken by him at the time alluded to his employer, Mr. Ostrander, in Hoosick. He was not acquainted with John Caffrey”.

“John Caffrey sworn: -I am not acquainted with James Caffrey of Hoosick, never saw him till today; I live within three rods of McCarthy’s house; I was in bed at the time of the murder; I heard the report of guns; heard a report like the breaking of dishes and two guns in quick succession; I thought it was Thos. Arnds shooting cats; the next I heard was William Knight at my door, he called me to get up, I got up and asked him what was the matter; he said a terrible deed had been done out here; asked him what? He said that Patrick had been shot, that Patrick’s wife was at Arnds, and wanted me to go down. I did not go, my wife got out of bed and held me and prevented me from going; told him to go to Esquire Perry’s; he said he was afraid to go; I did not go out of the house that night, I had a conversation with the defendant the Sunday before the murder; he said he wanted a little money to help him carry on the suit with Lansing; I walked down to his house and staid a little while; and then we both went to the bridge together. He said he wanted to see Patrick Henrahan who was collecting money for defendant to assist him in carrying on the suit; defendant treated me to a glass of beer; I went to Patrick Henrahan’s house who asked me if I had seen the defendant; I told him Baldwin was at the bridge looking for him; he got up and went to defendant’s house with me; they talked about the lawsuit; Henrahan told Baldwin that he lied about Patrick in relation to the cut of the ox; defendant said Patrick had sworn wrong against him; Henrahan took out the subscription paper to have me give something; I told him I would give him one dollar; Henrahan said to the defendant’ you lied about Patrick and I can prove it’; Henrahan was to give two dollars in aid to the suit; John O’Brien 50 cents; James Hazington another dollar; he lives near Eagle Bridge”.

To be continued…


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