The Murder at Buskirk’s Bridge, Part 4.

The Murder at Buskirk’s Bridge, Part 4.

The Preliminary Hearing at Salem

William Perry, Esq. And Jacob Lansing Testify


      William Perry, esq. Sworn: McCarthy lived in an old red building east side of the creek about 15 rods from my dwelling; the building fronts south; McCarthy lived in the east room alone; the door is on the east; there is a platform at the door about ten feet long; the other room they occupied for some rubbish and is the room where the corn and beans are; there are one south and two west windows in that room; there were shot found and dug from the casing over the southwest window; Arnds lived about three rods southeast; the gate was hung to the southwest corner of the building.


      Cross-Examined: No one lived on the second floor; it was about 40 rods to Baldwins, Mr. Baldwin has lived there four years last spring; I heard no guns that night; I conversed with Baldwin in relation to McCarthy’s testimony after the suit; he said McCarthy had testified to the cut being down when it was across the leg of the ox.


     Jacob Lansing sworn: I have a suit pending with Mr. Baldwin; commenced three or four weeks ago; it was before Squire Wells and was adjourned until today. The complaint was for damages for maiming an ox. There have been criminal proceedings against Baldwin previous to last Thursday; McCarthy was a witness against Baldwin on that criminal examination; McCarthy was also sworn before the Grand Jury in behalf of the people; McCarthy had not been subpoenaed to the suit today, but I had a subpoena for him and was intending to subpoena him the next day.


     Cross-Examined: I appeared against Baldwin before the grand jury; I do not know that he was indicted.


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