The Murder at Buskirk’s Bridge, Part 5.

The Murder at Buskirk’s Bridge, Part 5.

The Preliminary Hearing at Salem

Mrs. Louise Williams and John L. Pratt Testify


     Mrs. Louise Williams Sworn: I live at Buskirk’s Bridge, a few steps from McCarthy’s house; my house is between McCarthy’s and Baldwin’s; I went into McCarthy’s the same day he was killed, t’was long in the afternoon; I think I went to carry some tea and something home; I will not exactly swear that I went to carry anything home; I told Mrs. McCarthy, while talking about the ox affair, that McCarthy and my husband would get hurt, I did not know but what they would get killed, I was afraid that Baldwin would do something.

[It was with the utmost difficulty that anything was elicited from this witness. A long and desultory examination ensued in which she denied having any talk with witness that day except about some sugar for her tea, but finally admitted considerable talk about the affair, yet denied telling witness in the morning to deny what she had testified to before in relation to a conversation with her. Nothing satisfactory was elicited].

     Jno. L. Pratt sworn: I know Baldwin, I had a conversation with him some ten days ago; it was since his suit with Lansing; we had some desultory talk about the law-suit; he said if it had not been for the Irishmen, it would have been all well enough, and that the d—d fool might be sorry for it yet.

     Cross-Examined: He gave no name but alluded to Irishmen only. He said, d—d Irishman, not Irishmen.

     Jacob Lansing Recalled: There was no Irishman sworn in my suit with Baldwin, except deceased. No other Irishman was called against him before the grand jury.

     Jno. L. Pratt recalled: Baldwin did not say how deceased would be sorry for it.


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