Evidence on the Claim of DONALD MUNRO, late of White Creek, Albany County, N. York.

Evidence on the Claim of DONALD MUNRO, late of White

Creek, Albany County, N. York.

Claimt. Sworn :

Says that he lived at Mahiche in 1783, and sent his claim to

England by Coll. Cuyler.

He is a native of Scotland. In 1756 he came to America in

the 60th Regt. He remained in the King’s Service until 1764. The

latter part of that time he was a conductor of waggons.

When he went to White Creek and settled there, where he re-

sided until the war broke out.

Says he at no time joined any party of the Americans.

He was confined for not joining them and furnishing arms to

the King’s friends and gave £300 bail.

In 1777 he joined the B. Army and never went home after

wards. He was employed as Conductor of Wagons. At the Con-

vention he came to Canada and was employed in the Commissary

Department and still continues in that employ at Chaleur Bay.

Produces a Certificate from John Craigie, Esq., Commss. Gen

eral of his being employed as Issuer of Provisions to the Loyalists,

and that he acquitted himself therein with Honesty, diligence and

sobriety, and that he believes him to be an honest Man and a Loyal


Property: –

120 Acres of Land at White Creek. He purchased it in 1767

of Capt. John Munro when Wild Land. He had cleared 60 acres

and had a House &c., on it.

It was taken possession of by a rebel. Thinks he could have

sold the land and House in 1775 for £200 Hal. Cury. He left

grain one half in Barn £100 cury.

Stock, 14 Cattle, 2 Horses, Hogs and Sheep, Furniture, Farm-

ing Utensils, all these are lost to him and his family.

Produces affidavit of Dd. McGill to Claimt, being a person of

Credit, being a freeholder and having a house, furniture and Stock.

Wits. CAPT. MUNRO, Sworn: Montreal

Knew Claimt., he lived near White Creek. He was a Loyal


He purchased a tract of Land of Wilson in 1767. In 1775 he

had cleared 40 or 50 acres. He paid £200 York for this in ’67.

Thinks it was worth £200 H. C. in 1775. He had a mare and colt

and cattle, an industrious man and was in a good way.

Capt. Munro has a letter from a person whom he can depend

upon, who says that this land was sold under confiscation.







Printed by Order of

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario


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