The Murder at Buskirk’s Bridge, Part 11.

The Preliminary Hearing at Salem

Gideon F. Mattison and Jeremiah McCarthy Testify


Gideon F. Mattison sworn: Says I am some acquainted with Baldwin; saw him and had a conversation last court week at Salem; he commenced telling me the story about Lansing’s ox; said that there was a witness who, if he came up and swore as he had before, he (deft.) would have to go to States Prison, he supposed, but if he escaped States Prison, that witness should never have a chance to swear against him again; he told the name which I have forgotten; I don’t recollect of hearing the name before.

Cross-Examined: This conversation was at the Salem Hall, on the north end of the steps; I never heard the name of McCarthy before, to my knowledge; he did not say the witness had sworn false; I heard him mention Lansing’s name; he said nothing against Lansing as a witness.

Direct Resumed: The name of McCarthy is not a familiar one to me, the name of Lansing is; and so also are the names of Williams and Scott.

Cross-Examined: I thought from what defendant said that he would put the witness where he would not swear against him again; I thought the witness would be in danger. Williams was not the witness defendant alluded to as material.

Jeremiah McCarthy sworn: I am brother of deceased; I was at Salem at the October court; I saw Baldwin there; on Wednesday I met him between Robinson’s store and Howe’s tavern and had a conversation about the Lansing ox suit; I asked if they had found a bill against him; he said he didn’t know as they had, and if they had not found a bill against him, by Jesus, I will make some of them jump; I said give it to them; he said I will and you will hear of it; I then told him that my brother had not sworn to anything that would hurt him; I told him what my brother Patrick had told me that he had sworn to; he told me that Patrick had sworn that he turned in the ox safe, how did the damn fool know the ox was sound inside; that Patrick should have sworn that the ox was sound as far as he knew.

Cross-Examined: I did not mean anybody when I told him to go ahead, I said it in fun; I know that my brother and the defendant had no friendly feeling towards each other.

The examination of Baldwin was finished late last evening. We shall give the testimony for the defense in full hereafter. He was committed for trial.


This will be the last in this series for a time.


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