Historical Preservation

Several people have recently expressed interest in starting a Historical Preservation Society for the town of White Creek. The purpose would be to help preserve our history in a form accessible to all interested.

For instance, many people have posted photographs on the Facebook Group, but when the group goes so will the photos as backing up a Facebook Group is nearly impossible (and the photos are low resolution anyway). When the people who own the originals move away or pass on most likely the photographs will disappear also. A Society could collect either the originals or decent photocopies, depending on the owner’s preference and willingness to share them, and so they would be preserved and accessible.

The same is true of stories. The Society could record or write down stories local residents have about the old times, so they aren’t lost forever.

A Society could also hold events to teach about our local history, such as a tour of the area pointing out historic landmarks, tours of old buildings if the owner wanted to allow such, maybe eventually try an “Old Home Day” if there was enough interest. Maybe you have some other ideas!

Here are links to a couple of existing Societies which will give you an idea of what is proposed and what it would require. https://www.heywardhouse.org/bluffton-historical-preservation-society and http://waynepreservationsociety.weebly.com/oth.html .

If you are interested, please contact Barbra Rucki Kingsley at barbrakingsley3@gmail.com or message her here on Facebook. Or you can contact me. If you know of anyone else that might be interested, please pass on the information to them and have them contact us.



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