My name is Ted Rice. I became the new White Creek historian in January of 2016 after the old one, Marilyn Robinson, retired and recommended me to the Town Board for the job.

My emphasis so far has been to complete researching a book I had already been working on for a year about the Dwinell Limekiln and Hammer Mill in White Creek.I have also researched some local families for a few people doing genealogy, and am working on how the early land grants or patents were divided up and who settled where on them. Some of the original settlers are well known and have already been written of, but some are nearly unknown and some, the Loyalists in particular, have been largely omitted from other histories.

I set up this site as a resource for people researching this area, and a Facebook Group for people in or having some association with White Creek to share information on both White Creek history and present events here. If you have comments or information to share, please do so. Unlike the Facebook group, this one is available to those who don’t use Social Media.

Thank you for visiting. Come again soon.

Ted Rice, 25 October 2016.