Latest Attempt at Precisely Locating the Walloomsac Patent

I have spent the last few days attempting to exactly locate the boundaries of the Walloomsac Patent in White Creek, especially Great Lot #14 and it’s 1791 re-division between 11 or 12 men. (Yesterday I waded through the snowy woods behind the Bennington Battlefield trying to get GPS readings to pin down the exact placement of the Patent itself. They look about as close as I am likely to get). The map was created with QGIS, first geolocating a grid of the Patent lines, then an image of the 1791 divisions, onto a government topo map.

Some of the folks had actually lived on Great Lot #14 since 1765 or so, but about 127 acres belonging to loyalist Simeon Covell had been seized and resold by John Younglove of the Committee of Confiscation. Probably another 85 acres belonging to some other loyalist were also involved. Unfortunately, the Committee never seemed to provide its buyers with any deeds or documentation of their lots, so in 1791 Walter Wood petitioned the courts to have the whole Great Lot surveyed out to the satisfaction of all. The following map shows approximately what was done, though some of the surveys weren’t very accurate. There are still some minor inaccuracies in the subdivision map.