The Earliest Settlers.


Arent Van Corlaer opened a Trading Post in White Creek in 1711. There may have been a few settlers prior to the Seven Years War, but they undoubtedly were driven out and little is know of them. The first permanent settlers started arriving soon after 1760, then around 1765 people started flooding in, settling in the various Land Patents that made up the area. The border between New York and the New Hampshire Grants was disputed¬† at this date, so most of these patents ran well over into what is now Vermont, and there was practically open warfare over these lands. The earliest settlers moved into the Hoosick, Walloomsac, and Cambridge Patents, later ones into Van Corlaer, then the military patents – Gregor, Bain, Gordon, and Grant & Campbell. The Embury-Wilson and Schermerhorne aren’t drawn in totally accurate yet.